Friday, April 16, 2010

I Told You So

Goldman Sachs: The beginning of "Truth Be Told..."

In several of my blogs I have mentioned how Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, having destroyed the mortgage market and crashed the U.S. economy, have now moved their derivative trade to cap and trade where they will do it all over again.

It disgusts me to have my extreme cynicism proven correct -- politics has always been about moving money around -- rewarding those who help politicians get elected. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley gave over $25m to politicians in the last election. Taxpayers bailed them out with TARP money costing billions.

Enough is enough. No business is too big to fail. Let 'em go down or put 'em down: Goldman or the politicians who support them. Time to punish (read regulate) those who cannot control their greedy impulses!

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