Monday, January 26, 2009

Nuclear energy: Why not now?

Let me get this straight. New nuclear energy is illegal in Minnesota – actually, if I read the statutes right, we can’t even talk about it. New coal energy also will be curtailed in 2009 due to the moratorium passed by the 2007 Legislature and signed by Gov. Pawlenty. Natural gas is expensive and not fit for use as a base-load power source, not to mention it is illogical to use our primary heating fuel for electricity. Wind is a great resource and we will add plenty of it, but the wind doesn’t blow all the time.

Has anyone considered what will happen when our power needs outstrip the current fleet of power plants? It will happen sooner than you think: Every new plasma TV that’s plugged in underscores the problem.

This year, the Legislature should take a step in the right direction and remove Minnesota’s outdated ban on nuclear energy. That would at least put all of the options on the table as we try to jump-start this economy and hang on to precious manufacturing jobs to Minnesota.


  1. While we are at it, David, let's loosen regulations that will ensure an expedited licensing process. Spending years in court is not very attractive to energy producers.

    Duke Powell

  2. I agree, let's have it on the table as an option.
    John Rohlf


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