Monday, January 19, 2009

Protect environment and economy

As Minnesotans we take our electricity for granted. Whether we are flipping a switch to turn on a kitchen light, or plugging in a motor to cool refrigerator units in a grocery store, this state has a strong track record of reliable and competitively priced energy. That’s important because a steady supply of reliable, competitively priced energy is vital to our state’s economy.

But there are clouds on the horizon at the State Capitol that could change all of that. This blog, Inside Energy, is intended to alert and educate Minnesotans on the important public policy decisions under debate at the Minnesota Legislature, as well as the current impact of decisions made in the recent past.

The Minnesota Chamber’s No. 1 concern is the proposed cap-and-trade system which proponents suggest will reduce greenhouses gases. Cap-and-trade is intended to gradually reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in air emissions and to use a trading market among businesses to minimize their costs.

The Minnesota Chamber is committed to clean air, and we are committed to preserving jobs so all Minnesotans can continue to enjoy our quality of life. That said, we oppose any cap-and-trade system specific to Minnesota or the Midwest. The facts, as reinforced by science, show that Minnesota “going alone” will have minimal – if any – impact on reducing global air emissions and actually could do quite the opposite while at the same time causing significant job losses.

Climate change is a global issue and must be addressed on national and international levels.

For additional information on the Minnesota Chamber’s environmental policy initiatives at the 2009 Legislature, read “Our perspective: Don’t put Minnesota on an island in tackling greenhouse gases.” Click on

Enjoy the Inside Energy blog. We welcome your participation as we work together to enact policy that will protect our environment and our economy.

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